Tuesday, 31 July 2012

pyramid meitation


            Close your eyes take all the time you need to get comfortable shift muscle stretch and relax spine and neck are relaxed...not held stiffly there is no stiffness here just comfort ... the beginning of calm ... there is no hurry now there is nothing else to do ... or think about ... just pure relaxation. Be the Breath.
                               INHALE softly, easily..
                                EXHALE softly, easily
                             let your breath be a rhythm of calm
                              your breath is a rhythm of calm
                              follow your breath
                                         Be Calm
                                  BE WITH YOUR BREATH
                                      use your mind to follow
                      your breath
in ... out ... in ... out
that is all
Be Still
be with your breath-energy
Anapanasati Meditation is so simple ..
so very easy .. not at all difficult

Meditation can be done
by any one at any age at any time.

Meditation should be done regularly ... every day meditation should be done .. as per one's age in terms of so many minutes ..
e.g., twenty minutes .. if your age is twenty years .. forty minutes .. if your age is forty years and so on and so forth

Spiritual health is root and Physical Health is the fruit.
Anapanasati Meditation alone gives Spiritual Health to a person
Meditation is the greatest gift to be given to our lives .. by our own efforts.

The physical body has its own natural and easy rhythm of the breath. In meditation, the mind has to become totally attuned to the normal rhythmic nature of the breath of the physical body.

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