Monday, 6 May 2013

About vasistagowthami pyramid

Sri Vasista Gowthami Pyramid Dhyana Maha Kshetram

       The great thought of our Guru Brahmarshi Shubhash patriji is to construct a mega pyramid on the bank of the sacred river Godavari.

      Finally that dream had come true. The construction of the mega pyramid is getting started with the size of 160x160 that is as tall as a ten stored building at 102ft.

       And in the pyramid 5,000 people can sit at a time and can do meditation. It is built for practicing intensive meditation only.

      This Pyramid is constructed on the principles of Giza Pyramid, oriented exactly in the North – South direction, having the golden angle of inclination at 52° 51’ on all sides and the King’s Chamber located at the center to 1/3rd the height of the Pyramid.

Objectives of Vasista Gowthami Pyramid:

1.     Construction of the dhyana maha kshetra
2.  Spiritual library
3.  Spiritual research centre
4.  Taking care of our health
5.  Herbal garden
6.   Kitchen, Dining hall, canteen
7.  Vegetarian and Meditation yoga village


The trust is a non-profit spiritual organization. It primarily depends on contributions from philanthropic organizations and individuals.

To continue to fulfill our mission of spreading meditation and vegetarianism, we need support of friends like you. Your contributions strengthen our efforts towards this noble public cause.

Consider making a contribution to Vasista Gowthami Pyramid today, and together we will achieve a peaceful planet earth sooner.

Donation Schemes

The donation amount will be utilized towards development and maintenance of new and existing infrastructure facilities at Vasista Gowthami Pyramid.

    President                    Bramarshi Subash Patriji
    Vice-President            Garapati Satyanarayana      ph:+91 9440695191
    Managing Trustee       Jatti Laxmi Rani                    ph:+91 9491685576 

     Treasurer                    D.V.Raghava Reddy            ph:+91 9866290989

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